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 I decided to do a diy since I haven’t done it before…am going to be showing you all how to do a watercolour diy bookcover.

items :


A Hard cover book

A4 paper

Black markers(permanent) or a sharpie

PVA glue


Once you have all this then you can start your diy bookcover

1) Take your book and a A4 paper,place the A4 paper on top of the hard cover book cut the size of the paper for the book.

2) Glue the paper on top of the book,then you can use your watercolour on the paper,design it on how you want it.Make sure you let it dry

3) Then you can write or draw on the watercolour paper add some stickers if you want to.

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Editing pictures with photo candy 

Hi,so am back again with another post I just wanted to show you some of the edits I made with a app called photo candy.It’s so great and nice I tried editing some of my pictures and it turned out great am going to show you some of my edits….This wasn’t sponsored I just wanted to share some of the pictures I tried editing with the app.










If you like the app you can download it from the app store it is called Photo candy.Check their instagram page @photocandy to see more of their edits.

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1.CHAPSTICK:I think every girl should have this in their bag because of chapped lips.

images (1)

2.HAIR TIES:Incase your hair gets messy and you need to put it to a pony tail.

images (5)

3.MINTS:This is must have for some people who loves chewing.

download (3)

4.BAND AIDS:This is really important incase your school does not have any…..maybe

images (3)

5.PADS:This is more important,even if you are not on ‘it’ you never know when its coming put at least 2-3 pads in your bag.If you dont need it your friend would need it.

download (5)

6.EAR BUD AND PHONE CHARGERS:Listen to music and dont forget your charger

images (2)

7.BOBBY PINS;Always have a couple of bobby pins with you these are life savers.

download (4)

8.Pop up hair mirror compact,great for touch-ups and brush out tangles.


9.PERFUME:Carry this in your bag whenever you dont feel clean and fresh

download (2)

10.MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES:This is optional depending if you wear makeup or not.

images (6)

11.A SMALL BAG:It can hold anything that you want to bring.

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It’s good to know that you are always prepared when you know you have everything you need in your bag.These are 7 must haves for your monthly period;

1.PERIOD CONTROL ESSENTIALS:Pack a couple pads or tampons to get you through the day should your period strike when you are not at home.It’s so annoying when you go out and you discover you have your period and you dont have your neccessary supplies to deal,it’s always better to be ready.

2.PAIN RELIEVER:Periods hurt for some of us more than others.When period pain hits try ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

3.YOUR PHONE:If you dont know when your next period would start you can download an app to keep track of your cycle.Simply enter the day you start your period and the app will track it as well as tell you when your next period is due.

4.A BOTTLE OF WATER:Do you hate that bloated feeling your periods gives you?If you can relate then water is your friend during your period.It fights bloat.

5.DECAF TEA BAGS:Caffeine isn’t your friend during your period.But you don’t have to go without a nice beverage.There are many decaffeinated teas you can choose from.Toss a couple tea bags in your purse to have when you want an afternoon pick-me-up.

These are the 5 must haves for your bag when you’re on your period.I hope you like it.Happy Reading.


Vaseline has some seriously life changing.Here are some 5 ways vaseline will help throughout your

1.KEEP PERFUME FROM FADING:Rub vaseline on your wrist and behind your ears to make your perfume last longer.

download (1)

2.SOOTHE THE DRY HEELS:Summer sandals plus the sun can make the skin on your feet dry and flakey.Spread vaseline on your feet before you go to bed and cover with fuzzy socks.You will wake up with soft skin.

download (2)

3. REMOVE EYELASH GLUE:Rub a bit of vaseline and the falsies will come off much easier.

download (3)

4.KEEP NAIL POLISH LIDS FROM DRYING SHUT:Spread vaseline around the inside of the polish lids for easy opening next time you use it.

download (4)

4.PERFECT YOUR NAILS:Line your nails with vaseline before you paint them.The jelly will keep polish from spreading outside your nails.

6 tips for looking as good as you feel

It’s more important to feel good than it is to look good but it’s better to look as amazing as you are some tips for looking as amazing as you feel that you should start following immediately.

1.GIVE YOURSELF TIME:Time is the most important tool you could ever use in order to look amazing.Give yourself enough time to sleep,give yourself enough time to work out to get the body you have always wanted.

2.DRINK A LOT OF WATER:Make sure that you stay hydrated no matter what.You need to remain hydrated, no matter what the weather looks outside, your body needs it.

3.USE SPECIFIC PRODUCTS:Always use beauty products that your skin needs.You should always moisturize your face.You should always brush your teeth.You should always condition your hair

4.SMILE ALL THE TIME:It’s a simple thing,smilling can make you look like an entirely different person.Loose and show off your gorgeousness.

5.EXERCISE WHEN YOU CAN:Exercise will make you stronger on the inside and on the dont have to exercise all day just add it to your weekly routine.

6.EATING HEALTHY:When you eat healthy it helps your body strong and also helps the skin’s really important to eat healthy.

These are my tips to feel good,i hope it helps you.